Affordable rent-to-own House and Lot in General Trias Cavite – Bellavita, Buhay saya Bahay sagana!

Dito kana magpasko at gawing mas masaya ang Pamilya mo… For just 6,000 pesos, you’ll now have your  rent to own Gemelli unit of Bellavita. After downpayment, LIPAT AGAD. So tara, tripping na!

Beautiful Life. This is the meaning   of   BellaVita which   encapsulates   its   objective of   providing decent    but affordable homes.   BellaVita developments cater to starting families, civil servants, private workers, entrepreneurs   and   OFWs, who are   either seeking   to own their   first   home, looking   for rental income opportunities, want to   live near their place of work or want to ensure that their hard-earned money is well spent.   From the house features to the village facilities, a BellaVita home is for those who seek to enjoy a comfortable living experience within a safe and secure environment.


Facilities and Amenities

  • Fiesta Market
  • Clubhouse
  • E-Jeep
  • Common Parking
  • Open Spaces/Pocket Parks
  • Guardhouse

    Bella Vita Gemelli Unit

    60sqm lot/ 24sqm flr
    Provision for Loft
    Provision for 1BR
    1T&BLocation: Tapia Gen. Trias Cavite
    Sample computation
    Price: 920,468.00
    Reservation fee: 5,000.00
    Net Dp 10%: 76,289.00

    Term Bank(10%dp)
    5yrs 17,085.16
    10yrs 9,655.00
    15yrs 7,233.96
    20yrs 6,063.81


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Affordable house and lot for sale Valle Dulce Calamba

  Looking for a property or house and lot? Valle Dulce offers a great place for a very affordable price. For as low as P4,000 monthly amortization you will have the chance to own your ideal House. Units are ready for occupancy and waiting for turn-over. What are you waiting for?
Check it out!

This is a dream house for everybody. Opportunity awaits you here, Calamba is one of the fastest growing City in South Luzon. It is the center of business and passage way from Metro Manila to the nearby provinces in Visayas and Mindanao.
This is a great place for investment. Economic projection 5 years or 10 years from now, Calamba City will be more progressive and competitive to the nearby cities.
I encourage everybody if you are planning to buy a house and lot in Laguna or near Metro Manila, include this in your list of options.
This is not just for living purposes, this is for business and investment.

Sample Computation

Thru PAG-IBIG Financing
House Model: Luvina – Modern Minimalist (RFO)
Lot Area: 60sqm
Floor Area: 27sqm
Total Contract Price: ₱833,700
Reservation Fee: ₱5,000
Spot Equity: ₱140,700
(12mos term): ₱11,725
Loan Value: ₱688,000
30yrs term
CIRCULAR NO. 312* Monthly Amortization (Base on 30yrs. Loan term): ₱4,349
CIRCULAR NO. 349** Monthly Amortization REPRICING VALUES (BASE on 30 yrs. Loan Term)
1yr. Fixed@5.5 % Interest: ₱3,906
3yrs. Fixed@6.5 % Interest: ₱4,349
5yrs. Fixed@ 7.27% Interest: ₱4,703
10yrs. Fixed @8.035% Interest: ₱5,065
15yrs. Fixed@8.5 85% Interest: ₱5,332
20yrs. Fixed@ 8.80% Interest: ₱5,437
25yrs. Fixed@9.0 50% Interest: ₱5,561
30yrs. Fixed @10% Interest: ₱6,038
Based on 6.5% Int. at 30yrs. & 3yrs. Fixed: ₱12,425

Bank and In-House Financing are also available in this property for sale.

Enjoy the Valle Dulce Amenities: 24-hour Security, Clubhouse, Swimming pool, Basketball court.

So for more details and inquiries contact me:
Lawrence Ric Briones
09109735775 / 09994545824 or 49-531-2492
This is the best affordable house and lot for sale so grab the Opportunity now.


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Looking for a property in Laguna near Alabang? Futura Homes is the best for you.

Futura Homes San Pedro is one of the best house and lot for sale Project of Filinvest Land Inc. You can see the quality of each unit, its called BUHOS TIBAY.  Meaning all the units are constructed in the cast in place style. So that’s how it makes durable. See the pictures below.

A beautiful property for sale!

Sample Computation

House Model: Opal Duplex

Lot area: 181sqm

Total Contract Price: ₱5,221,300.00

Reservation Fee: ₱20,000.00

Spot Cash: Upon Reservation 8% discount (₱4,783,600.00)

Within 30 days 5% discount (₱4,940,200.00)

Deferred Cash (24mos): ₱224,917.21

In-house Financing: 20% DP / 80% Monthly Amortization

Discounted Spot DP: ₱992,932.20

       (12Mos Term): ₱85,355.00

Monthly Amortization: 5yrs @ 11.5% (₱98,446.32)

7yrs @ 17% (₱91,943.490

10yrs @ 18% (₱81,846.40)

Bank Financing: 10%DP / 90% Monthly Amortization

Down Payment in 12mos term: ₱41,844.17

Monthly Amortization: 5yrs @ 8% (₱95,282.220

10yrs @ 10% (₱62,099.88)

15yrs @ 11% (₱53,410.62)

For more details, inquiries or tripping schedule contact me:

Lawrence Ric Briones 09109735775 / 09994545824 / (049) 531-2492

Subdivision Amenities:

24-hours security

Basketball court




If you are looking for a house and lot for sale or property for sale in Laguna? This is a good option.

For more details, inquiries or tripping schedule contact me: 09109735775 / 09994545824 / (049) 531-2492

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Looking for Very Affordable Condo in Cubao Quezon City? Discover Amaia Skies Cubao!

When I discovered Amaia Skies Cubao condo project last month, I found out that it’s very wonderful and affordable project, which is rare to find on such prime location of Cubao Quezon City. Kindly see photos to appreciate it more.

Each unit has a basic standard features for you to design the interior based from your own idea, with vinyl planks flooring on living, kitchen and bedroom areas and has a spacious toilet and bath which includes a space for laundry area also.

Enjoy our Amenities here in Amaia Skies Cubao:

Basketball Half Court
Children’s Play Areas
Retail Area
Multi-purpose Halls
Landscaped Gardens
Reading Nook
Swimming Pools


Sample Computation

Studio Unit:
Floor Area: 18.60 sq.m.

Total Contract Price: 1,757,008.03
10% Downpayment: 175,700.80
Less Reservation: 20,000
Net Downpayment: 155,700.80
>payable in 12 months: 12,975.07

90% Balance: 1,581,307.23
20 years: 11,328.98 /month
15 years: 13,343.97 /month
10 years: 17,555.75 /month
5 years: 30,571.10 /month

Feel free to contact me for more details and site viewing schedules:

Leslie Lodronio

09061796580 / 09330036236

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Floor Area: 27.96 sq.m.

Total Contract Price: 2,849,997.40
10% Downpayment: 284,999.74
Less Reservation: 20,000
Net Downpayment: 264,999.74
>payable in 12 months: 22,083.31

90% Balance: 2,564,997.66
20 years: 18,376.44 /month
15 years: 21,644.91 /month
10 years: 28,476.73 /month
5 years: 49,588.59 /month



Total Area: 12.50 sq.m.

Total Contract Price: 990,706.74
10% Downpayment: 99,070.67
Less Reservation: 20,000
Net Downpayment: 79,070.67
>payable in 12 months: 6,589.22 /month

90% Balance: 891,636.07
Banking Financing:
20 years: 6,387.96 /month
15 years: 7,524.13 /month
10 years: 9,898.99 /month
5 years: 17,237.82 /month

Feel free to contact me for more details and site viewing schedules:

Leslie Lodronio

09061796580 / 09330036236


Single attached,duplex, townhouse in Binan,Laguna,Philippines






Inner unit                            /      End unit

Tcp-1,700,000                    Tcp-  2,000,000

DP- 340,000                         DP-    400,000

👉With CARPORT plus carport provision on END units❗️

👍You have affordable townhouses,duplex ,single attached house, and lot only to choose from..complete , bare (for townhouse )finish turnover.


TCP- 2,500,000/ DP- 500,000

Complete finish turnover





TCP-2,200,000  /DP – 440,000

PRESELLING STATUS,so avail now while it is cheap,hurry up.





Mamplasan Exit
near pavilion mall
carmona exit
southwoods exit


Reasons why this project is a good investment for your future

–strategic location because it is near pavilion mall – mamplasan exit, very least tradfic
– Affordable in terms of what it can offer.
– Well thought out living space
– Complete amenities
-24/7 security

Sample Computation
Townhouse Inner Unit
Lot area 50sqm
floor area 55sqm
With carport


Total Contract Price: 1,700,000
Downpayment: 170,000 payable in 12 months
Reservation fee: 20,000
Monthly amortization
(thru bank)
@5 years: 31,023
@10 years: 18,563
@ 15 years: 14,621
@20 years: 12,798


~REMF / Bank Financing~
House and Lot :
10% DP OR 20% DP – 12 mos. to pay, zero interest

Lot Only :
10% DP OR 20% DP – 9 mos. to pay, zero interest

CTSF / In-House Financing:
10% DP – NOT APPLICABLE to both House and Lot AND Lot Only

20% DP –
House and Lot :
10% DP 11 mos. to pay, zero interest
10% DP 11 mos. to pay, 8% interest

Lot Only :
10% DP 9 mos. to pay, zero interest
10% DP 9 mos. to pay, 8% interest

Lot Only – 15,000
House and Lot – 20,000

Miscellaneous Fee :

Bank Financing : 5%
1.5% – 2 mos. to pay after DP
3.5% – outright payment after DP and MF OR THRU Bank Loan

In-House Financing : 8%
1.5% – 2 mos. to pay after DP
6.5% – 36 mos. to pay to start on the first Monthly Amortization.



Just add or Pm me
FB account: Kent Driven
Email :
Viber : 0950 0171 308

Thank you





Townhouse for Sale in Quezon City

Are you looking for…

home for your family?

Or perhaps… a property which can be turned into an apartment?

Whether for Personal use or for Real Estate Investment, this 3-storey townhouse has all the best features!

Located at #99, 13 Ave. Cubao, Quezon City, this 3-storey townhouse is highly accessible to:

• MRT Araneta-Cubao

• LRT2 Araneta- Cubao


This townhouse is also very accessible to the following commercial establishments:

• Ali Mall

• SM Cubao

• Araneta Center

• Gateway

• Farmer’s Plaza




Carport              28.56sqm

Maid’s Room              9sqm

Service Area     11.60sqm






Balcony                                                    3.20 sqm

Kitchen, Dining & Living Areas  32.43sqm

Bedroom 1                                             12.44sqm

T & B                                                           3.57sqm





Balcony                          3.20sqm

Master’s Bedroom 21.15sqm

Master’s T & B           6.80sqm

Bedroom 2                 13.68sqm

Bedroom 2 T & B       6.20sqm


Total Selling Price (TSP)                         Php 10,000,000

Less: Discount                                                                500,000

Net Selling Price (NSP)                                        9,500,000

Add: Legal & Misc. Fees (LMF)                            400,000

Total Contract Price                                            9,900,000


  • Spot Cash

5% Discount on NSP                            30 Days

2.5% Discount on NSP                         60 Days

  • Spot Equity

5% Discount on Down Payment      30 Days

2.5% Discount on Down Payment   60 Days

Bank Financing Payment Terms

Down Payment Rate                                                      20%

Equity (TSP x 20%)                                                2,000,000

Less: Discount                                                              500,000

Less: Reservation Fee                                              100,000

Add: LMF                                                                        400,000

Net Down Payment                                               1,800,000

Equity Term (Months)                                                    15

Monthly Net Down Payment                             120,000

Estimated Unit Turn-over from the date of reservation (Months)             16

Loanable Amount (TSP *  80%)                       8,000,000

Estimated Monthly Amortization from Loanable Amount (Bank Financing)

10 years @ 8.5% interest                                                 99,188.55

15 years @ 9.5% interest                                                  83,537.97

20 years @11% interest                                                     82,527.07

Contact Us

09154233799 (DJ)

09176050595 (Neil)

09228111086 (Viber)


Condo near LRT 1 and LRT 2

Tired of waking up too early to avoid traffic? Are you looking for New and RFO property where the transportation will lessen if not eliminate traffic? If yes, then this property is for you!

See pictures/video for location and actual photos of the unit.

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1 Bedroom; 1Bathroom

Floor area: 32.71 sqm

Sample Computation: 10%DP6mos-BF w/ Bank Charges

Gross Selling Price: P3 199 000
Reservation fee: P20 000
Downpayment: P349 892
Monthly DP for 6 months: P54 982
Monthly Amortization if 15 years to pay: P31 715.16 (i=8.88%)

For inquiries and site viewing, contact

0935 812 6473/ 0905 332 9879

Enjoy some of these Amenities:
-swimming pool
-children’s play area
-Serenity Garden
-Jog path

contact 0935 812 6473/ 0905 332 9879




Looking for a place to stay and be called HOME in TANZA ,CAVITE PHILIPPINES?

Then consider this project of Century Properties in TANZA,CAVITE.






THE BEST AND VERY AFFORDABLE Pre-selling House and Lot in Cavite with Fence & Gate and complete finish turnover. With just 1.22M php you can own a place that truly fits to be your HOME.






Located in Brgy Tanauan,Tanza ,Cavite

Lot Area: 44 SQ. MTS
Floor Area: 40 SQ. MTS

Bank & In-House Financing Only

TCP: Php 1,229,683
Reservation: 10,000
10% Downpayment: 122,969
payable in 12 months: 9,500

Bank Financing:
20———8,251.36 Php
15 ———9,640.67Php
10——–12,566.51 Php
5———21,654.13  Php

• 2-Storey Townhouse
• 2 Bedrooms with Partition
• Painted Walls and Ceiling
• Stairs with Hand Rails
• Flooring with Vinyl Tiles (Wooden Design)
• Sliding Window
• With Provision for Aircon
• Cable Ready
• With 4.3 sqm. Carport/Garden



































Exciting Activities For The Family
✅Clubhouse with Functional Rooms, Multi-purpose Hall, Karaoke, Wifi Internet
✅Car Parking & Bicycle Racks
✅Swimming Pool with Kiddie Pool & Deck Pavilion
✅Showers and Changing Rooms
✅Water Play
✅Outdoor Basketball Court
✅Skate Park
✅Open Air Cinema
✅Picnic Lawn

Expanded Leisure Areas Throughout The Community
Cycling & Jogging Paths
Linear Parks and Tree-lined Alleys
⏺Activity Nodes with:
↘️Children’s Playground
↘️Outdoor Gym
↘️Bark Park (for dog-walking)
↘️Seating Alcoves with Wi-fi
↘️Foot Reflexology Park

Essential Conveniences and Safety Measures for Quality of Life
✅Shop Houses for Retail
✅Bus Bay/Loading & Unloading Area with Waiting Shed
✅Shuttle Services Ride within the Development to the Bus Bay/Loading & Unloading point
✅Bicycle Racks Around the Development
✅Street Lighting & Signage
✅Guardhouse manned 24/7
✅High Reinforced Concrete Perimeter Fence
✅CCTV Cameras and Monitoring System

So what are you waiting for, contact us and arrange for visit on site. We are more than willing to assist you in buying your DREAM HOME.


Just add or Pm me
FB account: Kent Driven
Email :
Viber : 09500171308

Thank you

Check if you’re eligible for PAG-IBIG housing loan…own a house and lot!

Own a house and lot thru PAG-IBIG Housing loan!!!

It is best to make use of your PAG-IBIG housing loan habang bata ka pa:

  1. You will be finished paying your mortgaged house loan earlier so you can retire young…the sooner the better you can enjoy time with family at home
  2. You have lesser responsibilities and obligations
  3. Earlier opportunity to earn passive income
  4. You have more time to wait for the construction to finish
  5. Generally land increase in value as time pass by (what is worth a million today will be worth much higher later)
  6. You have better chances of availing lower mortgage interest rates since there is low risk for the bank or financing institution

Remember the following requirements:

  1. Borrowers has contributed a minimum of 24 monthly contributions (totaling 4,800)
  2. Up to 3 PAG-IBIG  members may avail of single housing loan provided they are related
  3. below 65 years old
  4. monthly amortization should not exceed 1/3 of your gross monthly income.  (if income is insufficient, you may take your spouse or close relative to tack-in your contributions)
  5. with enough savings for the down payment or equity required
  6. prepared with the following documents:
    1. payslip or income statement
    2. employment contract indicating salary

If you don’t get qualified for some reason, you may still avail thru in-house financing by submitting the following:

  1. Government issued ID
  2. Signed Purchase Application Form

Sample Computation – Filinvest Property Aldea Real (:

2 Storey ; 2 Bedroom unit

Lot Area           :  100 sqm

House Floor Area:  typically 37.3 sqm

House Model:   Modified Danessa Single Attached

Developer:  Filinvest

Location:  Calamba, Laguna

Total Contract Price incl. Processing fee (TCP) :   1,663,300

Reservation fee:  20,000

Down payment (Equity)  :  352,300 (payable in 12 months or

29,358.33 per month)

Balance from TCP financed by PAG-IBIG

Estimated sample Monthly mortgage amort. to Pag-ibig after paying Equity:

10 years to pay, interest fixed at 8.035% –   9,504.42 per month                                                                                              (subject to repricing after 10 years)

                 30 years to pay, interest fixed at 10%   –  11,329.45 per month

Check more about your monthly amortization by clicking on link below or copy paste on your browser:

Enjoy these Amenities when you live in Aldea Real:

  • 24-hour security
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Shared Swimming Pool
  • Playground

You may call me if you want to buy a house and lot for sale under this budget or others like Camella Homes and make use of your Pag-ibig benefit, other investment or any business related assistance:

Carmela Valbuena-Paano, CPA, MBA


We’re not affiliated with Pag-Ibig.

Loanable amount is subject to the approval of PAG-IBIG. Final computation will be given by PAG-IBIG.

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House and Lot for Sale in Laguna (South Peak by Filinvest)

Dreaming of having your own house under the spectacular views of Laguna de Bay and the mountains of Makiling and Banahaw?

Have it here in South Peak, San Pedro, Laguna with our Iris Model unit, and enjoy year-round cool climate in a breathtaking setting of stylish homes, luxuriant pine trees and inspiring views of Laguna de Bay.

With 200Sqm lot size and 62.4Sqm livable and usable area, this house is perfect for your family!

This modern design two-storey single detached unit is also equipped with:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Toilet and baths
  • Living Room
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Storage


  • Main clubhouse
  • Swimming pool
  • Children’s playground
  • Basketball court
  • Barbecue park
  • Tennis court


RESERVATION FEE               : Php30,000


Payment Options

Spot Cash


Deferred Cash

P383,033.33 for 12 Months

P198,759.82 for 24 Months

10-90 Bank Financing (10% Downpayment-90% Bank Financing)

>Spot Downpayment(DP)    : P432,640

>Monthly DP for 12 months: P36,053.33!

Loan amount thru Bank financing:

  • If 5 years,      P84,426.04 per month!
  • If 10 years,    P55, 024.40  per month!
  • If 15 years,    P47,325.17 per month!

20-80 Bank Financing (20% Downpayment-80% Bank Financing)

>Spot Downpayment(DP)    :     P867,521.60

>Monthly DP for 12 months:     P74,606.67

Loan amount thru Bank financing:

  • If 5 years,   P75,045.37 per month!
  • If 10 years, P48,910.57  per month!
  • If 15 years, P42,066.82 per month!

20-80 In-house Financing (20% Downpayment-80% In-House Financing)

>Spot Downpayment              :P867,521.60

>Monthly DP for 12 Months :P74,606.67!

Loan amount thru Bank Financing:

  • If 5 years,   P87,229.63 per month!
  • If 7 years,   P81,467.71  per month!
  • If 10 years, P72,521.05 per month!

Contact us for more Inquiries and Site-viewing

09154233799 (DJ)

09228111086 (Viber)