House and Lot for Sale in Laguna (Aldea Real at Ciudad de Calamba)

Planning to buy your family a house and lot in Laguna?

Have it here with our Dannesa Duplex model in Ciudad de Calamba, Brgy. Punta, Calamba City!

With 100Sqm in lot size, this house is surrounded with great panoramic views around the area: Laguna Bay in the East, Mount Makiling in the South and Tagaytay Ridge in the West.

What else are you looking for?


Being perfectly designed and strategically located, Aldea Real in Ciudad de Calamba is also complete with these amenities and facilities

• Multi-purpose Clubhouse
• Basketball Court
• Parks and Playground
• Gazebo / View Deck
• Jogging Paths
• Grand Entrance Gate
• Concrete Roads
• Guardhouse
• Power Distribution Water
• Distribution
• Drainage System


RESERVATION FEE               : Php20,000


Payment Options

Spot Cash

Upon reservation (8% Discount): P1,612,300

Within 30 days      (5% Discount): P1,665,600

Deferred Cash

P75,860.32 for 24 Months

20-80 Financing (20% Downpayment-80% In House Financing)

>Discounted Spot Downpayment(DP) : P324,214.20

>Monthly DP for 12 months                       : P27,905!

Loan amount thru In-house financing:

  • If 5 years,     P33,453.99 per month!
  • If 7 years,     P31,244.20  per month!
  • If 10 years,   P27,813.01 per month!

10-90 Financing (10% Downpayment-90% Bank Financing)

>Monthly DP for 12 Months at P13,119.17

Loan amount thru Bank Financing:

  • If 5 years,   P32,378.77 per month!
  • If 10 years, P21,102.75  per month!
  • If 15 years, P18,149.98 per month!

Contact us for inquiries and site viewing

09154233799 (DJ)

09228111086 (Viber)